This is a picture from many moons ago- possibly 8ish years or so. This is my good friend Cruz at their graduation party. Another typical night of partying for us and another typical night of Cruz being the life of the party. He was a real social butterfly. Rarely a bad word to say about anyone (unless they truly deserved it!).

Flashforward a couple of years later. Myself and Cruz just returned from a road trip, purchased a party-size pizza and garlic fingers for my big birthday bash the next day. All was well. Then…boom…that night the most terribly tragedy occurred. Cruz was killed in a boating accident.

Here we are. Six years after that terrifying night. Saying I miss him is an understatement. I still dream about him on a regular basis, and he’s always the same as the day he left us. Will I always dream of him this way? Will he age in my dreams as we age here on earth without him? Or will I only remember him as the vibrant 20 year old that he was when he was taken from us?


Now this picture truly is a Throwback Thursday!


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