Friday Finds

Welcome to my first Friday Finds. Each week I want to feature a shop or product that I’ve personally had experience with. There are so many great little businesses (and big ones too of course).



My first Friday Finds is My Sunshine Designs.

I actually first ordered from My Sunshine Designs (via Etsy) way back in 2011. I was blown away with the handmade items in the shop then, and I continue to be blown away. My Sunshine Designs describes itself as eco-friendly and affordable- and it most certainly is. I’ll share with you my purchases from this great shop (each picture is from My Sunshine Designs and I take NO credit for them!)

il_300x300_200441582 il_300x300_200442209 il_300x300_203481238 il_300x300_258161920 il_300x300_242432446 il_300x300_296248571 il_300x300_388125341_j5c3

As you can see, My Sunshine Designs offers everything from crayon rolls, coffee mug sleeves, reusable bags, to even baby accessories and nursing pads. It’s quite an assortment of products. I’ve kept some products for myself and others have been for gifts- all gifts were really enjoyed by their owners.

Not only are the products fantastic, they are a great price, shipping is AWESOME (within Canada anyways) and is shipped very fast.

I’d suggest taking a look around the shop!

**These are just my own opinions!!**



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