Managing Monday


Someone doesn’t care if there’s a meal plan, she’ll eat ANYTHING

Here are my weekly goals:

-try to read my novel I have started at least twice this week
-blog at least every second day

-meal plan for this week
– drink 5-6 glasses of water per day

-stick with my saving goals for March (I’ll post those later this week)
-budget spending for rest of week

-spend at least one night with BF (movie perhaps?!)

-walk pups at least once this week
-read to Lil Miss at least once a day

-finishing painting and decorating this darn living room

Let’s see how I do…….


Dear Brain…


Dear Brain…please start working again.

Had such a nice relaxing Sunday. We went ice fishing and then to Chris’ parents for supper!

Today it’s back to the usual. Took Lil Miss to playgroup- but there was none. *sigh* I swear since I’ve stopped working I’ve lost my mind. Work must keep me organized.

Anyways, I’ll be back later tonight to list some weekly goals to try to keep myself organized. Heck, I may not be, because I’ll probably forget lol!

Back at ‘er

Well here I am trying this again!! This time I’m going to do it. Not that I have anything overly important to say but at least this will give me an outlet to express myself and maybe even keep my life a little more organized.

As if I don’t have a million things I want to do (knit, sew, scrapbook, Lia Sophia, Masters work etc.) we decides to undertake some minor renos and decorating here at dads. Since we’re here for the year we may as well do it up a bit, decorating isn’t dad’s idea if fun.

I’m going from ‘Muddy Waters’ to ‘ Stranded’. Hoping to get it all painted today (first coat at least) except for the wall behind the tv as we ordered new lights for there.

What’s you up to today?

Oh yeah, we’re suppose to get more of this today


…it just started… *sigh*