Managing Monday


Someone doesn’t care if there’s a meal plan, she’ll eat ANYTHING

Here are my weekly goals:

-try to read my novel I have started at least twice this week
-blog at least every second day

-meal plan for this week
– drink 5-6 glasses of water per day

-stick with my saving goals for March (I’ll post those later this week)
-budget spending for rest of week

-spend at least one night with BF (movie perhaps?!)

-walk pups at least once this week
-read to Lil Miss at least once a day

-finishing painting and decorating this darn living room

Let’s see how I do…….


Dear Brain…


Dear Brain…please start working again.

Had such a nice relaxing Sunday. We went ice fishing and then to Chris’ parents for supper!

Today it’s back to the usual. Took Lil Miss to playgroup- but there was none. *sigh* I swear since I’ve stopped working I’ve lost my mind. Work must keep me organized.

Anyways, I’ll be back later tonight to list some weekly goals to try to keep myself organized. Heck, I may not be, because I’ll probably forget lol!

Back at ‘er

Well here I am trying this again!! This time I’m going to do it. Not that I have anything overly important to say but at least this will give me an outlet to express myself and maybe even keep my life a little more organized.

As if I don’t have a million things I want to do (knit, sew, scrapbook, Lia Sophia, Masters work etc.) we decides to undertake some minor renos and decorating here at dads. Since we’re here for the year we may as well do it up a bit, decorating isn’t dad’s idea if fun.

I’m going from ‘Muddy Waters’ to ‘ Stranded’. Hoping to get it all painted today (first coat at least) except for the wall behind the tv as we ordered new lights for there.

What’s you up to today?

Oh yeah, we’re suppose to get more of this today


…it just started… *sigh*

Pins I’ve Tried



This is one of my favourite cards to make EVER!! I’ve made a bunch of these each Halloween and they’re so easy. Everyone loves to receive them. If you want to look fancy at Halloween, but keeping the secret that they are soooooooo easy to put together then hop on over to Splitcoast Stampers and see how to make this Mummy Dearest card.

Pins I’ve Tried



I seen this ‘game’ on Pinterest. It’s one of those weird pins where there is nothing to read or see, just the above picture. At the time I was planning my friend’s bachelorette party. I then quickly discovered that she wanted her fiancé to be there too, so then this game became perfect.

Here’s our version:



It was a fun game. Everyone seemed to love it. You chose a partner, one at a time you would throw or bounce a ping-pong ball and you had to get it into one of the cups. If you miss, you take a drink. If you get it in, the other person gets a drink. It was a great game for a laugh and most people took a turn (after a little persuading :p )

Pins I’ve Tried


Loaded Potato & Buffalo Chicken Casserole!!!

Um..yummmmm!!! This was delish! I made this as the main dish for supper (aka. dinner everywhere else other than Newfoundland). It was a very tasty meal, however, my mother did find it spicy. We did discover that this may not be the best served as a main course, it would be best as a side dish.

It did take a bit of prep work (which I HATE) but it was very easy to put together and make it seem like you’ve been cooking for hours.

My Mom said it was ‘expensive’ to make. I had almost everything on hand, so I didn’t really noticed.

But please, at least try it once. Visit Cook Lisa Cook and give the Loaded Potato & Buffalo Chicken Casserole a shot.

Managing Monday

photo 21

Well, there’s certainly no sign of a baby yet. Today is week # 39! One good thing is that boyfriend gets home from work (out of province) tomorrow night. so then I’m going to start wishing on the pregnancy stars to get our little one here. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday so maybe I’ll hear if anything is changing. But at this point I feel like I’ll be pregnant until Christmas heehee.

photo 11

My cousin was home this weekend and I had a chance to meet up with her. She gave me this totally adorable book for the baby. It is awesome. I love local literature and this book is the sweetest. I highly recommend it!!

And just for fun…here’s some pictures of my little fur babies (the big one is Lady and the small one is Seven)photo 1

photo 3

Friday Finds

Welcome to my first Friday Finds. Each week I want to feature a shop or product that I’ve personally had experience with. There are so many great little businesses (and big ones too of course).



My first Friday Finds is My Sunshine Designs.

I actually first ordered from My Sunshine Designs (via Etsy) way back in 2011. I was blown away with the handmade items in the shop then, and I continue to be blown away. My Sunshine Designs describes itself as eco-friendly and affordable- and it most certainly is. I’ll share with you my purchases from this great shop (each picture is from My Sunshine Designs and I take NO credit for them!)

il_300x300_200441582 il_300x300_200442209 il_300x300_203481238 il_300x300_258161920 il_300x300_242432446 il_300x300_296248571 il_300x300_388125341_j5c3

As you can see, My Sunshine Designs offers everything from crayon rolls, coffee mug sleeves, reusable bags, to even baby accessories and nursing pads. It’s quite an assortment of products. I’ve kept some products for myself and others have been for gifts- all gifts were really enjoyed by their owners.

Not only are the products fantastic, they are a great price, shipping is AWESOME (within Canada anyways) and is shipped very fast.

I’d suggest taking a look around the shop!

**These are just my own opinions!!**



This is a picture from many moons ago- possibly 8ish years or so. This is my good friend Cruz at their graduation party. Another typical night of partying for us and another typical night of Cruz being the life of the party. He was a real social butterfly. Rarely a bad word to say about anyone (unless they truly deserved it!).

Flashforward a couple of years later. Myself and Cruz just returned from a road trip, purchased a party-size pizza and garlic fingers for my big birthday bash the next day. All was well. Then…boom…that night the most terribly tragedy occurred. Cruz was killed in a boating accident.

Here we are. Six years after that terrifying night. Saying I miss him is an understatement. I still dream about him on a regular basis, and he’s always the same as the day he left us. Will I always dream of him this way? Will he age in my dreams as we age here on earth without him? Or will I only remember him as the vibrant 20 year old that he was when he was taken from us?


Now this picture truly is a Throwback Thursday!

What I Wore Wednesday

photo 4photo 5
Pretty casual day- it’s checkup time! Off the island I go to visit the doctor. Hard to believe that this belly only has a couple more weeks. I think a part of me will miss it. I am excited to get back to buying some new clothes and even wearing some of my old stuff. I had some nice maternity clothes for work but since I’ve stopped working and started growing I’ve stuck to casual clothes. If you’re pregnant and looking for some comfy t-shirts that aren’t maternity, these BENCH rushed shirts are fantastic!! They grow with my belly. I have two and they’re my fave shirt to wear.