Pins I’ve Tried…

Welcome to the weekly round of “Pins I’ve Tried”


These were delishhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Super easy, just my kind of baking. I made these MANY times to bring into my classroom for my kiddies. Even my dad loved them!

If you’re looking for something easy for the kiddies to make themselves, then these Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats are the ones for you!!


Managing Mondays


Ok, so I’ve done NOTHING all day. And I mean nothing. I did manage to get a shower but that’s all I’ve accomplished. I’ve never been so tired in my life. This baby is draining all my energy.

With that said, here is a list of what I want to accomplish this week. If I set some weekly goals I may be able to attain them rather than daily goals.

-Pack hospital bag
-Sweep and mop floors
-Finish master’s course work for this seminar
-Finish sewing my quilt rows together
-Not go into labour

That’s it– short and sweet for this week haha. Not sure how the “not go into labour” thing will go, but I’m sure going to try my hardest!!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat


This is me and my big 37+ week belly! Eeekk!

What are you….
Reading: I started a new book a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t read any of it since. I’ve been reading the Downhome magazines that my mom piled on my bed. She’s holding my hostage until the baby arrives because my boyfriend is away at work!
Listening to: The dog scratching. Her ears are driving her nuts– I guess that’s a sign to take her to the groomers.
Watching: Nothing– but last night I did watch Big Brother with my mom.
Cooking/Baking: Nothing– but I should get something to eat.
Happy you accomplished this week: I finally managed to cut out all my squares for my scrap quilt I started two years ago lol. I’ve been ‘bored’ these past three or four days and those are words that NEVER come out of my mouth. So I’ve been sewing those together with a 5 minute crash course from my mom. We are going to start sewing it all together soon.
Looking forward to next week: A good doctor’s report on Wednesday. I need this baby to stay comfy until his/her daddy returns from work on the 12th.
Thankful for today: My mom. When we first found out we were having a baby I was more nervous to tell my mom than anyone else. She doesn’t enjoy being around children much, but I heard her say yesterday that she “can’t wait” for the baby to get here. She’s doing so much for me (as she always did) and I’ll be forever thankful for her.
•Bonus Question: What is your favourite thing about the fall months? I love seeing the leaves change. I love how clean and crisp everything smells. Awwww, I love everything about fall. I especially love fall clothing– I can break out my sweaters and cardigans again! Woot!

Hope you all have a fantastic week. Don’t forget to stop by My 1/2 Dozen Daily each Sunday for Sunday Night Chit-Chat. Mine turned into Monday Morning Chit-Chat– it was raining last night and my mom’s rural broadband signal doesn’t exist when it rains haha.

Let’s Try This for Real…..

I’ve tried a blog before. Fail! I had a crafting blog to showcase my scrapbooking and cardmaking but I found that it took the fun out of creating. I wasn’t interested and therefore, readers weren’t interested.

This time I’m on a quest. A quest to keep a little bit of myself and to help keep my sanity. I think I’m a little of an overachiever and perhaps a workaholic. For the next 12 months I am taking maternity leave to raise our first little bambino! I am over-the-moon excited but I need something to express a part of me. A part I don’t want to lose.


So…please…join me on my journey. Let’s see where this blog will take us. I have lots of things spinning around in my head, but if nothing else, at least this will be a place to express myself. Image